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Our Vision

At Igati Community, our vision is a world where every individual, empowered by their inherent gifts and the grace of Christ, has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society. We envision vibrant communities where poverty is a relic of the past, replaced by opportunities for growth, innovation, and holistic well-being. Through our commitment to social entrepreneurship and guided by the timeless principles of love and compassion, we aspire to be catalysts for sustainable change, igniting a movement of transformation that transcends borders and empowers generations to come.

Our Mission

Our mission at Igati Community is to empower individuals as agents of change, inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Guided by the principle of being the salt and light of the world, we leverage our collective gifts, talents, and resources to pioneer innovative, sustainable solutions for poverty eradication in our community. Through our dedication to simplicity, creativity, and inclusivity, we strive to create lasting impact and transform lives, embodying the divine mandate to uplift humanity and spread hope.


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