Welcome to Igati Creative and Innovative Center – Meru County

Welcome to Igati Creative and Innovation Centre, where inspiration meets action! Nestled within the historic grounds of the former Black Jungle Resorts, our journey began with a vision sparked by Alfred’s quest for a meaningful mission.

As the realization dawned that traditional entertainment ventures were falling short, Alfred pivoted towards a greater purpose: nurturing the next generation of creative thinkers and innovative leaders. Thus, Igati was born—a sanctuary where art, theatre, and talent converge to cultivate social entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Since our inception in mid-February 2024, our commitment to fostering purpose-driven self-development has only grown stronger. Within our vibrant community, we empower men and women to discover their true potential and forge pathways towards impactful change.

Located in the heart of Meru Town, at Gakoromone Tharaka Stage opposite National Oil Petrol Station, our centre beckons all who seek to unleash their creativity and make a difference. Whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, or simply an enthusiast, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey.

Explore our offerings, engage with our community, and consider becoming a member to unlock exclusive benefits and opportunities. Together, let’s inspire, innovate, and ignite a brighter future for generations to come. Welcome to Igati Creative and Innovation Centre—where dreams take flight and possibilities abound.

Lemis Muthuri