The Journey of Bee Keeping in Meru

In the heart of Igati community, a small but determined group embarked on a journey to transform their lives through beekeeping. It all started with one man’s vision and a single beehive. Lead Missioner, Alfred Gitonga, took the first step in October 2023, focusing on acquiring beekeeping knowledge and skills.

Through divine provision and unwavering dedication, Igati Bee Farm was born. What began as a modest endeavor soon blossomed into a thriving community initiative. The gospel of beekeeping, championed by Igati Mission, spread from Nkomo ward to Timau, and eventually across Meru County and beyond.

Today, the Igati Beekeeping Cluster stands as a beacon of hope and prosperity. Pictorials and testimonial videos from our beekeepers within the community showcase the impact of our work. Witness the transformation as individuals and families embrace beekeeping as a means of livelihood and empowerment.

But our journey doesn’t end here. As the beekeeping cluster flourishes, so does our vision for the future. Inspired by the success of Igati Bee Keeping Cluster, social entrepreneurs members of the Igati community have initiated efforts to process and brand a range of Igati bee products, including honey, propolis, royal jelly, venom, and beauty products. All of these will be produced at the community level in self-help groups, further cementing our presence in the market.

With each milestone reached, our organization takes shape, guided by the principles of social entrepreneurship and community empowerment. Join us as we continue to make a difference, one hive at a time.