Igati Creatives And Innovators NGO Profile

About Igati Creative and Innovators

Igati Creative and Innovators is a non-governmental organization registered in Kenya, dedicated to creating and implementing community-driven socio-economic programs and initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty. We leverage the principles of social entrepreneurship to foster sustainable development and uplift marginalized populations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to harness creativity and innovation to develop transformative solutions that address the socio-economic challenges faced by disadvantaged communities. By fostering partnerships with county and national governments, non-governmental organizations, and development agencies, we strive to implement projects that create lasting social and economic impact.

Case Study: Igati Community, Meru County

One of our flagship projects is the Igati Mission Kirimaara Chapter Community Based Organisation in Meru County. Here, we are demonstrating a creative and innovative social entrepreneurship initiative that is significantly transforming local livelihoods. Our work in this community is a testament to our commitment to driving socio-economic development through innovative approaches.

Through our initiatives in Meru County, we have introduced several programs that focus on:

  • Economic Empowerment: We provide training and resources to help community members develop sustainable income-generating activities.
  • Education and Skills Development: We offer educational programs and vocational training to enhance skills and improve employment opportunities.
  • Health and Wellness: We promote health education and provide access to essential health services to improve overall community well-being.
  • Environmental Sustainability: We implement projects that encourage environmental conservation and sustainable agricultural practices.

Looking Forward

As we continue to expand our impact, Igati Creative and Innovators is committed to designing and implementing various socio-economic transformation projects. Our future initiatives will focus on:

  • Collaborating with county and national governments to scale our successful models and reach more communities.
  • Partnering with other non-governmental organizations and development agencies to leverage resources and expertise.
  • Innovating new solutions tailored to the unique needs of marginalized and disadvantaged populations.

We believe that through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches, we can create a world where poverty is eradicated, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive. At Igati Creative and Innovators, we are passionate about making a difference, one community at a time.

Our Management

Lillian Kimotho

C.E.O: Igati Creatives and Innovators NGO