Igati Agribiz Cluster – Sunflower Project Meru County

The introduction of sunflower farming clusters within the Igati community presents a promising avenue for social entrepreneurship aimed at poverty eradication and food security. By leveraging social entrepreneurship principles, this initiative not only creates job opportunities but also offers alternative cash crops for areas with minimal rainfall, ultimately reducing the country’s reliance on costly cooking oil imports.

The journey, initiated by Igati missionaries in October 2023, started with the distribution of certified sunflower seeds to community members. Despite average yields, the provision of mobile sunflower seed pressing machines enabled the extraction of cooking oil for personal use and surplus sales. With ongoing support from generous individuals, expanding this initiative to include aggregation centers and additional resources can significantly amplify sunflower production, value addition, packaging, branding, and marketing efforts.

By working together, we can cultivate self-reliance in cooking oil production, bolstering the community’s economic resilience and contributing to national food security goals. This collaborative effort underscores the transformative power of social entrepreneurship in addressing pressing societal challenges while fostering sustainable economic development.