Igati Agribiz Cluster – Rabbit Farming

Welcome to the Igati Agribiz Cluster’s Rabbit Cluster page! Since its inception in February 2024, our mission has been to extend sustainable livelihoods, food sources, and incomes to informal settlements. Our journey began with Igati missionaries visiting homes in Timau Town Riverside area, introducing social entrepreneurship principles. This initiative quickly garnered interest from community members, spurring the formation of the Rabbit Cluster.

With the establishment of a demonstration house for rabbit rearing, our cluster has blossomed, focusing on harnessing rabbit urine for foliar fertilizers, as well as rabbit meat, fur, and manure. We’re currently developing a full rabbit aggregation unit, complete with all necessary equipment for slaughtering, value addition, branding, sales, and distribution.

Our aim is to create a comprehensive and sustainable value chain, contributing to poverty eradication efforts. We invite you to join us in this exciting venture within the Igati community. Welcome, and let’s grow together!