Igati Agribiz Cluster – Poultry Project Meru County

The Igati poultry cluster exemplifies a holistic approach to poultry farming, serving as a potent tool for poverty eradication within the Igati community. By pooling resources, such as sourcing quality feeds, sharing skills and knowledge, and implementing value addition, branding, and marketing strategies collectively, members ensure the sustainability and profitability of their poultry ventures.

At Igati, the spirit of cooperation drives innovation and efficiency. Through shared resources, members optimize costs and access to essential inputs, enhancing their competitiveness in the market. Moreover, the exchange of skills and knowledge fosters continuous learning and improvement, empowering individuals to tackle challenges effectively and adapt to evolving industry trends.

One of the cluster’s key initiatives is the establishment of aggregation centers, spearheaded by social entrepreneur members. These centers will streamline operations by facilitating the collection of eggs and poultry meat products, as well as housing modern hatcheries. This infrastructure investment not only increases efficiency but also ensures product quality and consistency, crucial for meeting market demands.

As Igati aims to elevate its poultry farming practices to global standards, collaboration with well-wishers and supporters of social entrepreneurship ideals becomes essential. By harnessing external expertise, funding, and networks, the cluster can access opportunities for growth and expansion, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

In essence, the Igati poultry cluster embodies the transformative power of collective action in driving economic prosperity and social development. Through collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence, Igati sets a precedent for sustainable poultry farming practices with far-reaching impacts.