Herbs And Spices Members

Igati Agribiz Cluster is an initiative aimed at promoting the cultivation of herbs and spices in various parts of Meru County. This project was conceived due to the realization that herbs and spices farming thrives in this region and there is a significant demand for these products. The primary goal is to harness this opportunity for job creation and socioeconomic transformation within the local community.

The Igati mission began with a workshop to train members of the Kiambogo location in timau ward on this journey. They started by investing in spearmint farming, acquiring propagated seedlings from Plantech in Naivasha, with the intention of establishing a diverse range of herbs and spices to meet both local and international market demands. Despite taking small steps initially, the determination of the members has become evident, and progress is being made.

Igati mission, the Community-Based Organization (CBO) behind this project continues to seek partners to further develop and support this lucrative venture. The ultimate aim is to expand this successful model to other locations within the county. Through pictorials and testimonials, the pioneering social entrepreneurs of Igati Agribiz Cluster showcase their journey towards economic growth and community development.

Igati mission taking members of kiambogo location on bench marking tour of herbs and spices in mweiga, nyeri county in September 2023
Spear mint farming thriving in Timau
At kiambogo dispensary ground in August 2023, training residents about herbs and spices. Other clusters that can thrive in that location were discussed
Training igati members how to propagate their own mint seedlings for further enlargement and selling to neighbours around kiambogo and beyond
Locally innovated green house using poles for herbs and spices farming. Making it happen through creativity and innovation
An abandoned apiary in Nkomo ward in tigania West, igati mission is reviving bee keeping in Meru
Training timau community members about bee keeping. The spirit of social entrepreneurship