Igati Community One Million Beehives Project Design


The Igati Community One Million Beehives Project is an ambitious initiative aimed at transforming the socio-economic landscape of Meru County and other regions in Kenya. This project leverages the power of social entrepreneurship and sustainable practices to create a robust, self-sufficient community of beekeepers. By scaling up from our current 700 bee colonies as of 1st July 2024 to one million beehives in the next 5 years, we aim to provide sustainable livelihoods, empower communities, and promote environmental stewardship.

Project Objectives

1. Economic Empowerment: To provide a sustainable source of income for community members through beekeeping.
2. Community Training and Development: To equip community members with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful beekeeping.
3. Environmental Conservation: To enhance pollination and biodiversity through the expansion of bee colonies.
4. Social Entrepreneurship: To foster a culture of entrepreneurship and self-reliance within the community.

Project Scope

Location: Meru County and other regions where Igati Creative and Innovators NGO members reside.
Duration: 5 years
Target Beneficiaries: 10,000 community members directly involved in beekeeping, impacting over 50,000 individuals indirectly through improved economic conditions.

Key Components

1. Beekeeping Infrastructure
– Procurement and distribution of one million Langstroth beehives.
– Establishment of apiaries in strategic locations.
– Provision of beekeeping tools and protective gear.

2. Training and Capacity Building
– Comprehensive training programs on beekeeping practices, hive management, and honey production.
– Workshops on business management, marketing, and value addition.
– Ongoing technical support and mentorship.

3. Community Mobilization and Membership Recruitment
– Recruitment of community members with a commitment to acquire at least two Langstroth beehives.
– Orientation sessions to align new members with the project’s goals, constitution, and policies.

4. Environmental Conservation Initiatives
– Planting of bee-friendly flora to support the bees’ foraging activities.
– Community awareness campaigns on the importance of bees and environmental conservation.

5. Market Access and Value Addition
– Development of honey processing facilities to ensure high-quality production.
– Branding and marketing of Igati honey products.
– Establishment of local and international market linkages.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation
– Regular assessment of project progress and impact.
– Feedback mechanisms to address challenges and improve project implementation.

Project Budget

Total Budget: $1,000,000

1. Beekeeping Infrastructure: $400,000
2. Training and Capacity Building: $200,000
3. Community Mobilization and Membership Recruitment: $50,000
4. Environmental Conservation Initiatives: $50,000
5. Market Access and Value Addition: $200,000
6. Monitoring and Evaluation: $100,000

Expected Outcomes

1. Economic Growth: Increased income levels and improved livelihoods for 10,000 direct beneficiaries.
2. Community Empowerment: Enhanced skills and knowledge among community members, fostering self-reliance and entrepreneurship.
3. Environmental Benefits: Improved pollination and biodiversity, contributing to a healthier ecosystem.
4. Sustainable Development: A scalable model for social entrepreneurship and sustainable community development.

Impact Measurement

Income Levels: Tracking changes in income among beekeepers.
Hive Productivity: Monitoring honey yield per hive.
Environmental Indicators: Assessing the impact on local biodiversity and pollination.
Community Engagement: Measuring participation rates in training programs and community activities.

Call to Action

We invite global donors, partners, and supporters to join us in this transformative journey. Your funding and support can help us achieve our ambitious goal and make a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of people in Meru County and beyond. Together, we can create a sustainable and prosperous future for our communities.

Contact Information

For more information or to support the Igati Community One Million Beehives Project, please contact:

Igati Creative and Innovators NGO
Email: info@igaticreative.org
Phone: +254 724133852
Website: www.igaticreative.org